Machu Picchu

The walls of Machu Picchu tell the secrets of century-old Inca civilization. World’s one of the 7 wonders Machu Picchu Peru was deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. Explorer and Yale University professor Hiram Bingham discovered Machu Picchu in 1911. Machu Pichhu facts have been creating a stir among the travelers since then. 

Underneath the layers of history, this place has some unrevealed stories. This blog aims to be the curtain-raiser and take one on tour to Machu Picchu. 

Machu Picchu Architecture:

Machu Picchu facts about architecture have always been the talking points among travelers. The citadel of the 15th century Inca civilization is known for beautiful walls and fine civil engineering. According to engineer Kenneth Wright, around 60% of Machu Pichhu has been done underground. With heavy rainfall in mind, the underground construction comprises deep building foundations and crushed rock drainage. Moreover, this magnificent site was sculpted out of a notch between two peaks. 

Machu Picchu’s altitude is 2430 meters above sea level. How did the creators make a relatively flat space by moving stones and earth? Well, that still remains a mystery. 

The Museum, Hidden Machu Picchu Facts Everyone Should Know:

One cannot uncover the facts about Machu Picchu just by visiting it. It is not like any regular national park with explanatory signs here and there. Museo de Sitio Manuel Chávez Ballón imparts a great lesson about how and why Machu Picchu was built. The displays in English and Spanish further tell why the Inca chose a unique natural location for the citadel. 

How to find the museum? It is located at the end of a dirt road near the base of Machu Picchu. Travelers need to walk for around 30 minutes from the town of Aguas Calientes to visit this museum. 

A Secret Temple for the Curious Minds:

Anyone who is visiting Huayna Picchu should follow the trail to the Temple of the Moon. One can see a ceremonial shrine there built inside a cave. The cave is further adorned with aesthetic stonework and niches for holding mummies. This is one of the rarely known Machu Picchu facts.  

The End of a Pilgrimage:

The theory of Italian archaeoastronomer Giulio Magli is doing the rounds these days. The theory suggests that Machu Picchu might have a ceremonial purpose. It talks about the celestial journey which the first Inca took after leaving the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca. 

The Inca refused to take the route along the Urubamba river banks and built the Inca Trail. According to Magli, this stunning trail was for preparing the pilgrims for entry to Machu Picchu. Finally, the journey would have come to an end with the visit to Inhuatana Stone, the highest spot in the main ruins. 

The Machu Picchu facts are still not revealed completely. One who is wandering away from the central ruin will find various side paths. The thick foliage further creates a sense of mystery around this magical site. Besides, there is a possibility of unknown trails and ruins being present in some untrodden locations. The discovery of some refurbished sets of terraces in 2011 has further added to its attractions. 


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Founded in 1000 BC, Istanbul has always been the representative of long and illustrious history. A traveler who loves monuments will have the best time here. This metropolis has been adored by the emperors across the centuries. Officially, it got its current name after the foundation of the Turkish republic. Given the city’s magnificence in mind, a traveler may feel confused about finding the best tourist attractions in Istanbul. Various sights with historical significance demand the attention of the visitors. 

Getting Ideas about the Places to Visit in Istanbul

Covid has changed the tourism scenario of the city to a great extent. So, a traveler needs to be aware of the safety measures before planning a city trip. Besides, getting a clear idea about the government directive is recommended to avoid any hassle. The hotel and hospitality centers, however, are ready to welcome the guests with open arms. 

Why is Aya Sofya one of the Best Tourist Attractions in Istanbul?

The Aya Sofya was formerly known as the Hagia Sophia. This stood for emperor Justinian’s wealth and the technical ability of his empire. History suggests that the area around the emperor’s throne inside the church was deemed the world’s official center. Later, the Ottoman armies conquered Constantinople and converted it to a mosque. One of the main tourist attractions in Istanbul further was transformed into a museum in the 20th century. 

Topkapi Palace or Topkapi Sarayi:

Mehmet the Conqueror built this palace in the 15th century beside the Bosporus. It was the place where the Ottoman Empire’s sultans continued to rule until the 19th century. The vast complex offers an exhilarating display of Islamic art. The opulent courtyards lined with intricate hand-painted tile-work further add to its appeal. Mentioned below are some other features which make it one of the best tourist attractions in Istanbul. 

  1. Harem
  2. The Second Court
  3. Palace Kitchens
  4. Imperial Council Chamber
  5. The Third Court with Sultan’s Private Rooms

The Third Court further demands a special mention for an impressive collection of relics of the Prophet Muhammad in the Sacred Safekeeping Room. Besides, it houses the Imperial Treasury. A tourist needs to spend long hours at Topkapi palace to get lost in the world of glittering gold objects and precious gems.       

Blue Mosque: 

Blue Mosque or Sultan Ahmet Camii is one of the popular places in Istanbul. This architectural excellence was built between 1609 and 1616. It had 6 minarets like the Great Mosque of Mecca. Its 7th minaret was a gift to Mecca to stem the dissent. Its extraordinary interior decoration boasts of 10,000 Iznik tiles. 

Besides, it is one of the best examples of Ottoman architecture thanks to the full spatial and color effect. Moreover, a visit to the mosque at dusk and the echoing prayers offer a religious experience. 

A traveler can also find aesthetic souvenirs to collect at the Arasta Bazaar behind the Blue Mosque. One can end the day by paying a visit to the Great Palace Mosaic Museum. The 250 square meter fragment of mosaic pavement makes it one of the best tourist attractions in Istanbul. 

Anyone interested in Istanbul’s best tourist attractions can further include Hippodrome, Basilica Cistern, Istanbul Archaeology Museum, Grand Bazaar, or Suleymaniye Mosque in the itinerary. Honestly, the mosques and monuments are in-numerous in Istanbul, and that’s why everyone can stumble upon a gem in every corner of the city. 


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Solo traveling is one of the rewarding experiences. This is especially for people who love enjoying the company of their own time. You don’t have to factor other people in your plans. I have a friend who visited this place many times and is currently working at was telling me that most importantly, you get to choose fun activities that you can try and engage in without worrying about anything. 

However, when not careful, solo travel can turn out to be a stressful adventure. You’ll regret making the decision to travel alone. That’s why you must find and know the basic factors needed to help you get the best experiences. 

Remember you’re alone, and most of the things and decisions will be upon yourself. 

This article will share with you the basic things you need to know before you plan to take a solo tour. These are the things that will ensure you love the experience of your vacation. 

  • Your Goals 

What’s the number one goal for traveling? Or why are you traveling solo? Answering this question will help you plan most of the other things that are critical for your vacation. 

You could be traveling solo because there no other people to travel with you. Some other time it’s the only option you or your goal is just to have a “you-time.” 

All these different factors will determine different critical decisions. Your goals will be mostly dependent on some of these factors. 

So, first, know your goals of traveling. Then these goals will help you choose the best way to enjoy your solo travel. 

  • Your Destination 

The next thing you need to know when it comes to visiting a particular decision solo is all about the place you want to go to. Where are you going to? Is your destination suitable for solo travel, or it requires company? 

You must first know everything about your destination. Some places are too risky to travel alone. You’ll need someone to watch over your back. This is especially if there is a risk of loss of property or life involved. For example, hiking solo can be a bad idea. As the terrains become difficult, you’ll need someone to hold your hands. 

  • Your Accommodation

After traveling to your destination, you’ll need a place to sleep and spend your time. You need safe accommodation that would give you a comfortable vacation. So as you plan your trip, first determine and know about your accommodation. 

Do you want to spend your time in a hotel, homestay, or other accommodation plans? Choose whatever works best for you. Then once you’ve decided on the best accommodation method to go and enjoy your time. 

Most importantly, ensure the accommodation method you choose is convenient to all the activities you would wish to do during the vacation. It should also be easily accessible with your most preferred mode of transport. 

Parting Shot 

During your solo travel, set a budget for your vacation. Ensure you already have the budget set aside and everything well planned. And when you’re ready with everything, go ahead and enjoy your solo tour.  

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